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Speech Therapist Near Me

What To Expect From Your First Appointment At Speech Therapy Somerville NJ

When you're searching for a speech therapist near me, you may feel excited about finally getting yourself or your child the help that you need to speak clearly and confidently. As you search for speech therapy Somerville NJ, you may be wondering what's going to happen at your first appointment with a speech therapist near me. Let's take a look at what you can expect the first time you meet with a speech and language pathologist.

First, you'll fill out some forms while you wait to see your pathologist. You'll then be called back for your first appointment. Your pathologist will talk with you (or your child) about your reasons for coming to speech therapy. If you're at the appointment for your child, you'll never be forced to leave your child alone. It will be up to you and your child to determine when and if you feel comfortable for them to work with their speech pathologist on their own. As you and your pathologist discuss your reasons for seeking out speech therapy, you'll talk about your health and speech history. Together, you'll begin to develop a plan for treatment, and you'll work over the coming months (or years) to make progress toward your speech goals.

If you're looking for speech therapy Somerville NJ, reach out to Northeast Speech & Language Services, LLC. They'll work with you to get you the speech help that you need.

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